How to choose a foundation?

That's the most common thing our expert found is people taking the foundation put on their wrist and going up this isn’t my colour this isn't my colour but guest what your wrist and face isn’t the same. In most people your hands and face is a entirely different shade than your face so you are not to match the foundation on your wrist at all. You can swatch your lipsticks their, you can swatch your eye shadows there but not foundations it’ll not help to discover the color of your skin on your face by matching it to your hand.

Swatch you foundation on the jawline, the reason is your neck, decollete and your head and you want something that’s gonna be right in the middle and in this way you can see how this foundation gonna react all of these part of your body. Basically it’s a whole approach to find best match of foundation, so you not gonna apply on hand or forehead all you need to do is apply this foundation on the jawline.

  • Most of you aren’t gonna go in the morning right fresh face but that’s ideal do this and you’ll find great results.
  • Or you can just wipe out your jawline area if you are having makeup on your face. First of all remove of the foundation from the area with makeup wipe or makeup remover because you really wanna be able to swatch here.


Just grab a little bit of moisturizer or primer make sure that you are moisturizing the exact area of the skin that you are going to test (jawline) and the reason is here when you strip that skin so do not disturb your whole makeup. If you don’t hydrate that part when you’ll swatch and apply the foundation. First of all you’ll definitely not gonna see the formula the way finish is gonna be because the area is now thirsty because I pulled out the moisturizer and then it gonna pull that foundation and you may get cracking, it may gonna look cakey.

If you’re using your fingers we know this finger application with the foundation is fantastic but it sheer the formula down so if you gonna test that using your fingers you’ll just sheared almost nothing but if you’ll apply at home with a brush that’s gonna be a very different application because that’s gonna lay down exactly as it’d be when you do it. So when you’re  swatching guys make sure you are swatching with the tools you use if you need to ask one of the beauty consultant to borrow their brushes do it that’s fine they’ll be more then willing to help with that.


There’s two major things that happens to foundation over time one they can oxidize and second it gonna dry down. Basically when anything food or beauty, any sort of beauty supply stuff meet oxygen in the air, oxygen will steal an electron from it and it causes the product to break down. You check it by if your foundation area is getting darker by time it means it’s getting oxidize. If it get patch in it in five to ten minutes that may deter you from choosing this foundation.



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