Please read all these terms and conditions before using OSERVE services.

As we can accept your booking and make a legally enforceable agreement without further reference to you, you must read these terms and conditions to make sure that they contain all that you want and nothing that you are not happy with.

1.    General :

OSERVE (PVT) Limited (www.oserve.pk) is a web based technology platform that connects customers with professional service providers to get services at their doorstep so that customers can have the finest services that caters to their style, at a place and time that suits them the most. Customers would be able to book and manage the appointments online. Our service providers are third party or freelancers and we do not directly employ them. It must be noted that OSERVE does not provide these services directly.

OSERVE (PVT) Ltd. (Registered Number – 0123411) is a limited company registered in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This website is fully owned and operated by OSERVE (PVT) Ltd.

2.     Application :

  1.       These Terms and Conditions will apply to the purchase of the services by you (the Customer or you).  We are OSERVE    Ltd, a company registered in Islamic Republic of Pakistan under Registration Number 0123411.
  2.       These are the terms on which we sell all Services to you. Before making a booking on this Website, you will be asked to agree to these Terms and Conditions by clicking on the button marked ‘I Accept’. If you do not click on the button, you will not be able to complete your booking. You can only purchase the Services from the Website if you are eligible to enter into a contract and are at least 18 years old. You further confirm that you have the authority and capacity to enter and accept these terms
  3.       The Terms and conditions are applicable to you as a user or customer of OSERVE website.  By accessing or using the website you agree to be accept these terms

3.     Interpretation :

  1.       Customer means an individual who accesses or uses the Services and Website
  2.       Service Location means the Customer’s premises or other preferred location where the Services are to be provided, as set out in the booking
  3.       Booking means the Customer’s order for the Services from the Website as submitted following the step by step process set out on the Website’s booking section
  4.       Privacy Policy means the terms which set out how we will deal with confidential and personal information received from you via the Website
  5.       Services means the services advertised on the Website. The services will be provided at the customer’s specified Service location by the freelance professional as per the request/ instructions made by the customer via the website
  6.       Website means our website www.oserve.pk on which the Services are advertised. Where the customers can make the booking of the services they require

4.     Personal Information, Registration and Suspension :

  1.       When registering to use the Website you must set up a username and password. You will have to supply all the details requested for registration, and this may include some personal information including name, age,  email address, Residence address, phone number, CNIC number and a valid payment method.
  2.        You remain responsible for all actions taken under the chosen username and password and undertake not to disclose your username and password to anyone else and keep them secret.
  3.       You must provide and maintain accurate information and keep your account up-to-date
  4.       We retain and use all information strictly under the Privacy Policy
  5.       We may contact you by using e-mail or other electronic communication methods and you expressly agree to this
  6.       If we identify that you have failed to comply with any of the terms and conditions, we have the right to suspend/ disable the account without notice. You must use the website and the services only for lawful purposes.
  7.       Your OSERVE account should be in access solely by you and you must not authorize anyone else to use to use it on your behalf.
  8.       We may terminate the Contract or suspend the Services at any time without notice of termination or suspension if you have committed a serious breach of the Contract or the terms and conditions. You would not be able to access your account or make any bookings and all your future bookings will be suspended.
  9.       If you do not wish to continue using the OSERVE services, you can make a request to terminate or close your account via email (cs@oserve.pk). You will receive a confirmation email once we have closed your account.
  10.   Please refer to our Privacy and cookie policy (link) which outlines the details regarding the cookies we use and also how we use the personal data that is collected or which is provided by you. You must ensure the data you provide us is correct and acknowledge that by using the website you accept the privacy and cookie policy

5.     Services :

  1.       The description of the Services is as set out in the Website, catalogues, brochures or other form of advertisement. Any description is for illustrative purposes only and there may be small discrepancies in the service provided
  2.       In the case of all Services requested in your booking, it is your responsibility to ensure that any information or specification you provide is accurate
  3.       All Services which appear on the Website are subject to availability
  4.       We can make changes to the Services which are necessary to comply with any applicable law or safety requirement. We will notify you of these changes
  5.       The OSERVE website is an online platform that provides a range of services by connecting the customer with a (third party) service provider in their locality. The customers can make an appointment for a service they require at a location and time of their preference.
  6.       In case of availing any personal grooming, beauty services Customer must inform the service provider prior to the commencement of the service with regard to any medical conditions such as infections, allergies, hypersensitivity or other any other diseases so that the appropriate measures can be taken.

6.     Booking, Charges and Payment :

  1.       Once you have booked the appointment on the website, you will receive a notification via text message and/ or email confirming if the OSERVE has accepted your request with other booking details.
  2.       All pricing details can be found in the website and are final. Fees and charges include any taxes at the rate applicable at the time of the Booking
  3.       All charges and fees are final and refundable only up to 60 minutes from the appointment time. Cancellation fee of Rupees 500 will be charged, if cancelled within 60 minutes.
  4.       Our pricing and payment policy can be changed at any time without any notice.
  5.       OSERVE reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account in case there is an amount due or unpaid from you due to any reason.

7.     Promotions :

Various promotions are offered by OSERVE (PVT) Ltd. for different campaigns. This is made on an individual basis to any of the customers. Unless specifically provided to you, the offers would not be applicable to you for any of the services or charges.

8.      Cancellation Policy :

  1.       We have a 60 minutes cancellation policy. Cancellations can be made up to 60 minutes before your scheduled appointment time free of charge. You must cancel the appointment only via the “My Bookings” section on the website and not by any other methods. In case you want to make changes to your booking you will have to cancel and book again.
  2.       For cancellations made after 60 minutes of your scheduled appointment time or in case of a no show, you will be charged a cancellation fee of PKR 500.
  3.       If you are running late for your scheduled appointment, you must inform us of your delay immediately via email. Our service providers can wait up to 10 minutes after your scheduled appointment time. We have a 60 minutes cancellation policy, so you will be charged a cancellation fee of PKR 500 if you do not inform us in advance.
  4.       If the OSERVE has cancelled or unable to provide the requested service, we will try our best to accommodate the appointment by finding you the next available provider. However, in circumstances where the service provider has cancelled and we are unable to find a replacement you will not be charged.
  5.       If the booking was cancelled for other reason, then refund would take 5-10 working days before it reflects in your account
  6.       OSERVE (PVT) Ltd has a zero refund policy. Please make sure to communicate and discuss with the service provider what you require and the style you are looking to achieve. Use of photographs can be handy. If you are not satisfied with the Services, you can email or send your feedback using the contact us form.
  7.       The customer must provide correct contact number and address of the service location while booking the appointment. Providing incorrect information may result in the Service Provider being late, If the Service Provider unable to accommodate the booking within the given time then the customer will be liable for this and will be considered as a cancellation and will be charged a cancellation fee of 500.

9.     Feedback and Complaints Policy :

  1.       We at OSERVE give a lot of importance to your feedback/complaints. We aim to review and respond to them as soon as possible.
  2.       If there is a complaint, customer should email us or contact us using the contact form. And a member of the team will be in touch with them.
  3.       It is advisable to send your feedback or complaints within 72 hrs after you have received your services. Provide as much detail as possible so we can improve the services we provide

10.    Customer Responsibilities :

  1.       You must cooperate with us in all matters relating to the Services, provide the authorized professional Service Providers with access to any premises under your control as required, provide us with all information required to perform the Services and obtain any necessary licenses and consents (unless otherwise agreed).
  2.       It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that there is a comfortable chair, a table to place the equipment, enough space and good lighting.  In order for the Service Provider to complete the services you must provide a safe and suitable space
  3.       OSERVE (PVT) Ltd has a zero refund policy. You must make sure to communicate, provide detailed information and discuss with the Service Provider what you require.
  4.       All Service Providers will be professional and will aim to provide an exceptional service. As a customer you must treat them politely and respectfully.
  5.       You must not contact or request services directly from any of our Service Providers with whom you have previously received any of the services through OSERVE, for a period of 6 months starting from your last interaction with them.  
  6.       OSERVE take the safety of the Service Providers seriously. Any inappropriate or hurtful actions or failure to comply with the above is a Customer default which entitles us or the Service Provider to suspend performance of the Services until you remedy it or if you fail to remedy it following our request, we can terminate the Contract with immediate effect. You will be charged fully for the appointment.

11.    Circumstances beyond the control of either party :

  1.       In the event of any failure by a party because of something beyond its reasonable control, the party will advise the other party as soon as reasonably practicable.
  2.       The party’s obligations will be suspended so far as is reasonable, provided that party will act reasonably, and the party will not be liable for any failure which it could not reasonably avoid, but this will not affect the Customer’s above rights relating to delivery of service.

12.    Proprietorship and Intellectual Property Rights Policy :

  1.       The Company OSERVE (PVT) Ltd has complete ownership and intellectual property rights of the OSERVE website and all the content available in it. All rights are owned solely by the company
  2.       All rights in such trademarks including, the company name, company logo, Trademarks, brand names, the product names, features or anything mentioned in the Website are trademarks of the Company and are reserved to OSERVE (PVT) Ltd, and no right or license is granted to use or reference them in any means by anyone else
  3.       You acknowledge that you have no rights in the company or the technology used or supported by it other than the right to use it in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  4.       The company has full rights to take legal action if you violate or infringe the company’s services including any or all parts of the website. You may not attempt to access the website services, network or systems in an unauthorized manner intending to cause damage or disruption to the business, to gather information intending to copy, reverse engineer or build a competitive product or to compromise the security or performance

13.    Governing law, jurisdiction and disputes :

  1.       The Contract including the terms and conditions (including any non-contractual matters) is governed by the law of Islamic Republic of Pakistan .
  2.       Disputes can be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
  3.       We try to avoid any dispute, so we deal with complaints in an effective way.
  4.    Revision of Terms and Conditions
  5.       The company reserves the right to update or remove any of the terms and conditions at any point without notice and will be effective immediately after it’s available online.
  6.       It is advisable that the customer reads the terms and check for any updates at regular intervals. You should not access the site or use the services if  you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions
  7.       You agree to provide your consent to abide by the terms by accessing the website after any revisions to the terms are posted on the website. Please note that these terms are legally binding on you
  8.       It must be noted that the revised terms and conditions supersede and replace any prior agreements or contracts.

14.    Third Party Websites and Links :

  1.       There may be links to third party website or promotions displayed through the OSERVE site. The company is not associated to these third parties and is not liable for any collaboration or exchanges made between you and such third parties. We are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused by using these sites
  2.       The company is not directly or indirectly responsible for any of these external third party links or websites or advertisements and do not control them. We would advise the users against accessing them or purchasing any products or services via these sites.

15.    Availability :

  1.       OSERVE services are available on desktop, mobile and tablet via www.oserve.pk.
  2.       We fully intend to provide and make available the site and its contents uninterrupted without any warranties or guarantees. If the services are not available due to maintenance or other reason, then the company will not be liable to you.
  3.       In order to access the site, it is your responsibility for making sure that there is appropriate systems, software and technology available, including web browser and adequate internet data
  4.       You must ensure there is appropriate anti-virus software installed while accessing the website. We are not liable for any damages that is caused by virus or bugs which infects your desktop or mobile device.

16.    Website Content Policy :

  1.       The website is fully moderated by the OSERVE content team and the content policy is applicable to any material which is contributed by you regardless of the type or kind
  2.       You are fully responsible for any content or material that you provide to us. You must make sure that the information is correct and factual and does not breach any other intellectual property rights or copyrights. The company will not be accountable for the content provided by you.
  3.       All contents provided by you will be held by us and we will have the full rights to save and use it without any liability

17.    General Risks, Disclaimers and Excluding Liability :

  1.       As a customer, OSERVE website must be used for personal and private use only and not for business activities.
  2.       OSERVE will not be held accountable for any dispute that arises between the customer and the Service Provider. All dispute resolution must be performed directly with the Service Provider.
  3.       We will not be liable and do not provide any warranties for any actions or oversights of the Service Providers who provide their service to you or the quality of the services. By making a booking you acknowledge that the use of the services is at your own risk. Any contract related to the services is between you and the Service Provider, not directly with OSERVE.
  4.       We are not liable for loss or damage which was not reasonably foreseeable to both parties at the time when the Contract was made.
  5.       All the Service Providers are professional and vetted. We carry out extensive background check via third party services; therefore we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. Customers are responsible for their belongings and personal safety and must be cautious and alert in order to protect themselves from unforeseen incidents
  6.        These terms does not exclude liability for: (i) any fraudulent act or omission; or (ii) death or personal injury caused by negligence or breach of other legal obligations.
  7.       OSERVE is not liable for any loss or damages caused to the customer’s devices (desktop, mobile, or other device) or data by the use of our website or by any other virus or bugs; the customer will be fully responsible for any such damages. Customers must exercise caution while accessing any external links or downloading material from the website.
  8.       We are not liable for loss (e.g. loss of profit) to your business, trade, craft or profession which would not be suffered by a Consumer – because we believe you are not buying the Services and Goods wholly or mainly for your business, trade, craft or profession.